Board of Directors

Kenneth S. Green — Founder, Chairman of the Board, Compensation Committee, Nominating Committee, Audit Committee
Mr. Green has more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management, channel sales management, business development, and strategic alliances with several consumer electronics companies, IT companies, hardware, software manufacturers, and defense contractors. He has  served as an employee, management consultant, contract employee specializing in marketing, sales, business analysis, organizational management, information systems implementation, consumer product marketing promotions, consumer trade shows, and strategic alliances for a wide variety of middle market companies, including, airline operations, FBO’s, major national retail chains, commercial fuel distributors, commercial construction operations, automobile dealers, cargo & logistics companies, automotive technology companies, automobile parts distributors, aviation parts distributors, wineries, craft breweries, artisan dairies, organic food operations, merchant banks, capital leasing companies, et al.

The vast amount of expertise derived in such a wide variety middle market corporate operational settings presented him with the opportunity to successfully execute the startup, and stabilization of Orion Financial Group Incorporated, a publicly-traded, management consulting firm, M&A Advisory, and  full service middle market management consulting and M&A advising firm.  Prior to founding Orion, Mr. Green founded and took public Catalyst Ventures Incorporated (CTLV: OTCBB), a development-stage management consulting firm, which was acquired by the investment bankers retained to facilitate the development of the company according to its original strategic business plan.  Mr. Green is also the founder, and chairman of The Orion Fund (501 (c)(3)), the non profit matching grant charitable organization formed to execute charitable operations in the geographic markets in which Orion operates worldwide.  Mr. Green earned a Bachelor of Science in business Administration from San Jose State University, and an MBA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.  He is scheduled to complete several post graduate courses, and certifications at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the University of Washington Graduate School of Business, in 2017/2018.  Mr. Green serves as Chief of Corporate Development of the Corporation.


Lincoln S. Ong — Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman, CTO, Compensation Committee, Nominating Committee, Audit Committee
Mr. Ong has over 30 years experience as in IT professional with substantial multi-platform server and network, knowledge and experience in university, ISP, and corporate environments. He has a detailed understanding of the business strategic business requirements that surround and drive the technical requirements, and the ability to communicate and deploy the appropriate solutions. Over the last 26 years, Mr. Ong has held a variety of technical positions — Network Architect, Network Manager, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Senior Consulting Engineer, Manager of Customer Engineering, and Systems Programmer while working, or contracting on behalf of a variety of notable organizations: Stanford University, BBN Planet/GTE Internetworking, Ascend Communications,, Inc., and Broadvision, Inc.  He is also an author of “Crossing the Border”, Network Computing, and is a member of ACM and IEEE. He specializes in: Linux System Administration, Cloud Computing, Computer Operations, ISP/Hosting Operations, Network Security, Network Operations, Cisco, Ascend, Extreme Networks, F5, Foundry, and Red Creek technology applications. Mr. Ong earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Francisco State University, and serves as Chief Technology Officer of the Corporation.


Wesley Ramjeet, CFO & CPA
Mr. Ramjeet is the founder and CEO of Profit Planners Management Inc, and has over 20 years experience in business advisory, IPO strategy, capital formation, accounting, and tax strategy. He is an active investor in private and public companies, and is the founder of Unify Biotechnologies. Mr. Ramjeet is also managing partner of Profit Planners Inc, a public professional services company (Tax Accounting, IT, etc) since 2002, and has served as Chairman of Microcap Review since 2007.